The Highland Renegade

The Highland Renegade
Lords of the Highlands #5
By Amy Jarecki

Laird Robert Grant is a very loyal clan chief who has been having a feud with the Cameron’s for more years then he’s been alive. Then when a drunk Royal Dragoon drunkenly tries to force himself on the daughter of the Cameron he decides to put aside their feud and come to her aid. He ends up racing against time with her alone in the night. Yes Janet Cameron is beautiful, cunning, and so very tempting, but a Cameron lass is the last woman he should ever desire.

Janet Cameron is not the kind of lass to back down and meekly surrender, not even when surrounded by foes. She takes every chance to escape first from the English soldiers and then from the very handsome Laird Robert Grant. Yet with each day they spend together, his unexpected gallantry is chipping away a her heart bit by bit.

As danger and treachery loom, can she trust him enough to choose love over vengeance? Will their clans be able to put aside their anger after years of fueding and let these two find love?

Amy Jarecki is absolutely fabulous. You will fall in love with Janet and Robert as you read their story. These two characters were meant for eachother. There is enough action and treachery in this book to satisfy anyone’s love of what the Highlands were like during those tumoltous times. Ms. Jarecki I glady give you the 5 stars for what I felt was an original story.

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