How to Blackmail a Highlander

How to Blackmail a Highlander
(The MacGregor Lairds #3)
By Michelle McLean

Alice Chivers is a pampered lady who is tired of being controlled by her family so she asks the hunky Highlander who surprises her with a letter from her friend to help her run away. When the Highlander says no she resorts to blackmail. Now blackmail has lead them into an accidental marriage, and soon they are both playing a role that feels very real.

Philip Macgregor is a cautious man who is always in control, and is now in an over his head with his new unexpected wife. She is feisty, spontaneous, and couldn’t follow an order even if it saved her life. And now he’s falling in love with her however, her distractions endanger the lives of those he loves. Now he’s got to fix the damage that is done, before his friends end up paying with their lives.

Michelle McLean is a talented author who writes a spectacular Highlander Romance that takes you on a journey from the ballrooms of England to beautiful bonnie Scotland. The main characters were absolutely delightful and I enjoyed their bickering and arguing. Where Philip is all control, Alice is chaotic and all over the place. This book is definitely worth reading.

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