The Knight’s Reward

The Knight’s Reward
Border #9
By Cecelia Mecca

Neill Waryn is very well know throughout England. He is a champion Knight who doesn’t lose, yet to him winning at the Tournament of Peace is all that matters because if he wins he will get s boon from the King of England. This boon is very important to him and his family. All he requests is that the king remove the corrupt official who is bent on destroying the peace along the border between England and Scotland. His family are borderers, and nothing matters more to him than their safety. Neill’s boon didn’t come without a cost though. Now he finds himself agreeing to a marriage. A marriage to one of the Queen’s favored ladies and although he is reluctant at best, it’s a price he’s willing to pay. Until he meets Kathryn.

Kathryn Baird is a beauty and clearly a highborn lady, yet she works at The Wild Boar inn as a common servant and Neill is quite intrigued by her. So when she asks him to bring her to Scotland, he finds he can’t say no. Little does Neill know that Kathryn’s mysterious past will play into his own attempts to restore peace along the border.

Now that fate has brought them both together will it be powerful enough to go against the king or will their sense of honor stop them from finding what they are both looking for?

Cecelia Mecca is absolutely fabulous. Her characters are engaging and you can’t help but fall deeply in love with them. The chemistry Neill and Kathryn have nearly sizzles off of the pages. I found myself rooting for them and hoping that they could overcome the obstacles that were in front of them. I really enjoyed revisiting with some of the characters from previous books and as sad as I am to see the border series end I can’t help but feel a tad excited about the new series that Ms. Mecca will bring us in the future.

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