Highland Defender by Julie Johnstone

Highland Defender
(Renegade Scots #2)
By Julie Johnstone

Lillianna de Burgh knows the legend that has always surrounded the women in her family . She knows that true love will awaken the gift of sight that now lies dormant with in her becuase she come from a long line of seers, but given the horrific betrayals the power it has brought her ancestors, she wants no part in true love or the gift it will bring. All she wants to do is avoid her fate and that shouldn’t be too hard considering every man in her life has shown her that all they want is to use her skills to see their futures. Thankfully, when she flee England to escape her evil uncle, she finds herself in the company of a hard hearted Highlander who doesn’t believe in the legend. As they travel together, she comes to know that behind the Highlander’s gruff exterior lies a fierce and honorable protector, who’s scant touch sets her on fire and now the harder she tries to resist it, the harder she falls.

Angus MacLorh lives by three simple rules. Put country first, protect family at all costs, and never become emotionally entangled with a lass again. So when his future King has him accompany the lovely Lillianna to safety,he agrees figuring he will have no problem keeping her at distance, as he does all women. But this gentle yet brave lady intrigues him at every turn. Then when his greatest enemy captures her, he finds himself bending every rule he has ever made just to save her.

As the fight for the Scottish throne puts Angus and Lillianna in deep danger they will have enimies far and wide hunting for them. When the truth of the legend finally surfaces, can Lillianna escape her destiny with Angus bent facing his future alone? Can they overcome the barriers they’ve created and trust in their hearts to lead them safely to love?

Julie Johnstone brings us another incredibly written novel rich with Scottish and English history. This novel will leave you with a beautifully warm feeling of satisfaction that you won’t be able to shake. The chemistry between Lillianna and Agnus sparks right off of the pages and washes away every sense of reality making you feel like you are right there watching the two of them. It was so real that I almost felt like I was intruding a few times. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and can’t wait to see who Ms. Johnstone writes about next.

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